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Corporate Law for Vancouver

Lando & Company LLP has a comprehensive corporate department. We are the registered and records office for over 1,000 companies, and have developed expertise in various aspects of corporate law. We can assist you with:

  • Incorporating under the B.C. Business Corporations Act or the Canada Business Corporations Act
  • The extra-provincial registration of your company
  • Mortgage Investment Corporations
  • Compliance requirements of the Registrar of Companies and securities Commission for private corporations
  • Professional Corporation for medical practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, geoscientists, architects, accountants, lawyers and realtors, and working with the relevant professional governing bodies
  • Corporate amalgamations, wind-ups and restorations
  • Shareholders' Agreements or Partnership Agreements
  • Resolving shareholders or partners disputes
  • Corporate governance issues

If a company is not suitable for your business needs, we can advise you on alternative business vehicles, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures and co-ownership arrangements, and set up the appropriate structure/entity for you. We also provide advice to many not-for-profit entities in our communities.

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